Lucas is talented and creative when taking photographs and filming content for the Prince Albert Raiders. In his years with the club, he has captured fantastic images and created videos that our players and fans have loved. He is committed to his craft and works tirelessly to find ways to continue to improve and innovate around the rink.

Brett Smith

Prince Albert Raiders

Lucas is really great at what he does! He has a talent for capturing real, raw footage and then creatively puts it together to tell your brand story.
I have used his work in a variety of ways and have always appreciated how he works to create the exact outcome I am looking for. I highly recommend the work of Apollo Media.

Corliss Rassyle

Founder/CEO, Corliss Co. Consulting Inc.

Luke has done several different shoots for the S2DIO, including photos and videos. I have brought some wild ideas to him, which he has brought life. Luke is a very talented photographer and videographer. His creativity and drive to make things come to life for my business are bar none the best in PA. We have a few more ideas that are waiting to come alive, and I am so excited to see what Luke does to make my dreams reality. I would recommend Luke to any business looking to up their marketing with trendy and unique photos and videos.

Carley Kulbida

Owner, operator, The S2DIO